It is our solemn pledge to protect the New Mexico Black Bear from harm and to support the agencies of local, state and federal governments in their quest to ensure a safe environment - for a life without fear and a habitat for future procreation - for the Black Bear and all creatures great and small. We stand firm against any unlawful hunting, trapping or other containment or treatment of these wonderful creatures. We will endeavor to seek the most up-to-date information on our bear population in cooperation with any organization that agrees to responsibly use that data. Finally, we reserve the right to question any authority that attempts to misuse such data for any purpose.

The 'Golden Rules' that guide Black Bears Matter:

Rule  1: Respect the rights of people and bears to live in         harmony with each other;

Rule 2: Support responsible bear population management; Rule  3: Be a partner with anyone advocating sensible bear    population control;

Rule 4: Support the dissemination of helpful bear habit       information; and

Rule 5: Promote sensible and safe bear/human interaction      which includes a firm policy of not feeding bears.