‚ÄčImportant Contacts 

Cibola National Forest
Sandia Ranger District
11776 Hwy. 337
Tijeras, NM 87059
Tel. 505/281-3304 

For injured or starving bear cubs contact Dr. Kathleen Ramsay
Land of Enchantment Wildlife Foundation
Tel. 505/927-1918 or 505/753-3790

If animals appear ill or overly aggressive or acting strangely you can call the Bernalillo Animal Control at 505/468-7387

Online Resources:

(Sandia Mountain Bear Watch)
Tel. 505/281-8292

(North American Bear Center)

(National Park Service)

(New Mexico Game & Fish)

(Forest Service of the U.S. Dept.
of Agriculture)

Our organization is dedicated to finding a balance between those who would hunt bears and those who would protect them from harm. We aren't 'tree-huggers' who don't understand the need for thinning a forest or an animal population for that matter. While we're admittedly in the bears' 'camp' (and ever-vigilant about new restrictions, new population studies and directives that might disadvantage these marvelous creatures), we're practical people who believe it's better to have a dialogue with one's opposite numbers rather than alienate them and make things worse in the bargain. In this case...make it worse for the bears.

The good news is that we're not alone. There are other organizations that share our philosophy and have been at this a lot longer than we have. We invite you to contact one of the best: Sandia Mountain Bear Watch. They have some terrific information on bear 'culture' and habitat  and are definitely FOBs (Friends of Bears).

You can contact them at: Sandia Mountain Bear Watch.

If you'd like to become a member of Black Bears Matter let us know by sending us an email in the 'Contact' section. We'd love to hear from you and your experiences with bears!